Ice Hockey Malaysia

Men’s National Team

IIHF Member September 28th, 2006
Homepage Malaysia Ice Hockey Federation
Facebook Malaysia Ice Hockey Federation
Games Played 57
Wins 22 Losses 33 Ties 2
Longest Winning Streak (5) Mar 19th-23rd, 2012
Longest Unbeaten Streak (5) Mar 19th-23rd, 2012
Longest Losing Streak (11) Mar 16th-Apr 22nd, 2015
Home Games 0 Away Games 57
Goals For 265 Goals Against 342
Most Games Moi Yung Jai (55) Most Points Loke Bin Kin (143)
First Game Played January 26th, 2007 – 7-3 win over Hong Kong
Biggest Win 25-0 over Bahrain January 28th, 2011
Biggest Loss 23-2 to Kyrgyzstan February 1st, 2011
Challenge Cup of Asia:
Silver: 2008
Bronze: 2009, 2012
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GK Tengku Muhammad Azlly – Snipers (MAS)
GK Wai Sang Lee – Santa Fe (MAS)
DEF Mohd Hariz Ananda – Snipers (MAS)
DEF Reezman Bin Isa Isa – Wildcats (MAS)
DEF Jia Yung Moi – Snipers (MAS)
DEF Mohammad Aqeel Noor Nisham – Snipers (MAS)
DEF Muhammad Shaharudin – Santa Fe (MAS)
DEF Eu Jin Yap – Snipers (MAS)
FW Mohd Hafis Anjam – Snipers (MAS)
FW Jien Yang Chua – Snipers (MAS)
FW Seng Chee Khoo – Wildcats (MAS)
FW Chee Ming Lim – Wildcats (MAS)
FW Kim Loke – Norsborg IF (SWE)
FW Jun Ming Low – Snipers (MAS)
FW Eng Kuan Edmond Ng – Snipers (MAS)
FW Adris Abdul Razak – Santa Fe (MAS)
FW Brandon Tan – Snipers (MAS)
FW Nurul Nizam Versluis – Wildcats

HC Kristof Kovago
Updated (08/06/17)

Women’s National Team

IIHF Member September 28th, 2006
Homepage Malaysia Ice Hockey Federation
Facebook Malaysia Ice Hockey Federation
Games Played 9
Wins 2 Losses 7 Ties 0
Longest Winning Streak (1) Mar 7th, 2017
Longest Unbeaten Streak (1) Mar 7th, 2017
Longest Losing Streak (4) Mar 11th-Mar 15th, 2017
Home Games 0 Away Games 9
Goals For 19 Goals Against 78
Most Games Several Players (9) Most Points IIlina Rothi Mohd (10)
First Game Played March 22nd, 2016 – 14-2 loss to Thialand
Biggest Win 6-3 over India March 25th, 2016
Biggest Loss 21-0 to Chinese Taipei March 23rd, 2016
Malaysia vs Others
Games Played 1
Wins 0 Losses 1 Ties 0
Home Games 0 Away Games 1
Goals For 2 Goals Against 13

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GK Mohd Zaki Nurul Ain Syuhada Binti – Jazura Girls (MAS)
GK Tg Abdillah Tg Farhana Azuma Binti – Jazura Girls (MAS)
DEF Junid Adilah Binti – Jazura Girls (MAS)
DEF Mohd Rothi Nur illina binti – Jazura Girls (MAS)
DEF Mohd Zaki Nurul Ain Khadijah Binti – Jazura Girls (MAS)
DEF  NUR AZIZ Nur Iman Sofiah Binti – Jazura Girls (MAS)
DEF Wan Mei Wah – Jazura Girls (MAS)
DEF Woon Yean Hui – Jazura Girls (MAS)
FW  Boon Eunice Jiamin – University of London Dragons (GBR)
FW Chong Su Ying Karen – Jazura Girls (MAS)
FW Inarah Haniff – Jazura Girls (MAS)
FW Kaur Chahal Tania –  Jazura Girls (MAS)
FW Mohd Ameeruddin Nur Afshaa Binti – Jazura Girls (MAS)
FW Mohd Khan Putri Nurshahira Khan binti  – Jazura Girls (MAS)
FW Ridzuan Sophia binti – Jazura Girls (MAS)
FW Shaharudin Nabilah Binti – Jazura Girls (MAS)
FW Zainol Kamal Nur Yasmin Binti – Jazura Girls (MAS)
HC Nikolas Sepponen
Updated (03/06/17)