By Ice Hockey Luxembourg

Prime Minister Xavier Bettel very kindly invited Luxembourg’s proud Gold Medalists to his office to congratulate them on their win in the 3rd Division Championship in Sofia. He said that he was very proud of the teams achievements and what it meant to Luxembourg and that it deserved to be highlighted.

After that the team presented him with a personalized jersey carrying his name and the number 17 in honor of Luxembourg’s win in 2017. He was visibly moved. The Team followed then the PM outside for a group picture where the Mr. Bettel proudly displayed his jersey.

After having the picture taken Mr. Bettel took even more time out to discuss over a glass of Crement and a slice of Riesling Pasteit the game, the players’ personal histories and the championship. There were many laughter. To finish this special day he gave the Team a tour of his arty office giving a peek inside the job of Prime Minister. At the end Mr. Bettel even expressed interest in coming to a hockey game. It looks Team Luxembourg has won a new fan and Mr. Bettel 25 grateful ones in return.