By National Teams of Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey, Curling and Luge will be part of the Federation of Winter Sports of Portugal (FDIP), said Lusa Pedro Farromba, president of FDIP.

Curling and Luge federations have already join, while Ice Hockey will happen at the congress meetings scheduled for May of next year, with Pedro Farromba added that he has only met a few days with the Ice Hockey representatives.

The goal, according to Pedro Farromba, is “to give a new Identity to the FDIP,  by adding new winter sports”,  Skiing and Snowboarding federations have been already welcomed.

Portugal already have an ice hockey team, a formation that on September 29th won it’s first international game by defeating Andorra. In the case of curling, there are players in the country who go to Spain to play.

Curling is practiced on an ice rink and the teams aim to get the stones thrown as close as possible to the target by rubbing the ice to try to defend it’s Territory. 

As for the luge, “there are no place for it to be practiced in Portugal because it is a sled that descends down a mountain in an icy circuit, but there is the possibility, as on the roller skies, of doing it without snow, and adapting.

When it comes to infrastructure, Pedro Farromba believes that if there are athletes and will there will be a number of users, the possibility of a ice rink is real. If there are enough athletes, there will be those who want to invest to do it. We have to make it happen and show people that Portugal have enough interest in winter sports.

The role of the FDIP, to be a leader in winter sports and encourage, motivate, through promotional programs that can create greater adherence to young people in Portugal.