Spain Women claim Gold on home ice.

By National Teams of ice Hockey

Spain’s women took top spot in 2018 IIHF Ice Hockey Women’s World Championship Division II Group B, by winning promotion to Division II Group A for the first time ever. And the gold medal on home ice. Spain won all Five games beating New Zealand 5-2 on the last day. 

Alba Gonzalo and Elena Alvarez took best goalkeeper and best defenceman In the tournament, Spain only gave up 5 goals in five games.

Taiwan’s women’s national ice hockey team stunned hockey fans and themselves when it finished second in Group B of Division II of the 2018 Ice Hockey Women’s World Championships this past week.

Having just qualified for Group B last year, Taiwan’s team of mostly college students in their early 20s and a high school seniors won four of its five games.

Taiwan’s women’s national ice hockey team stunned Division II Group B.

Woden Sun, general secretary of the Chinese Taipei Ice Hockey Federation was quoted in a phone interview Sunday “that for a country that barely sees snow, the national team’s success was a true Cinderella story”.

“The second place finish came as an even bigger surprise given the fact that the team has only existed since 2014 and gets an average of only three hours of practice a week on ice” he said.

“There is only one standard ice rink in Taiwan,  the Taipei Arena, and the women can only practice there after the arena is closed at 9:30 p.m. once a week,” Sun said.

“On other occasions, they practice on roller blades at a roller rink”, he said.

The team now has a 16-1 record in international competitions.

After a 4th place finish in last years tournament Iceland Improved this year by winning the Bronze Medal.

Iceland’s Silvia Bjorgvinsdottir was name the the best forward of the tournament.