Day: February 13, 2024

France Wins Four Nations Tournament At Home

By National Teams of Ice Hockey

The initial third of the game is characterized by a sense of openness and equilibrium. Prior to launching their offensive maneuvers, the French had to withstand a Danish powerplay, which was a result of a penalty called against Kévin Spinozzi just 14 seconds into the game. Julian Junca, who started the game, displayed strong defensive skills. Subsequently, the French initiated their attack, with Anthony Rech having the first opportunity. Aurélien Dair took advantage of a well-executed play between Kévin Bozon and Florian Chakiachvili to take his chance. Although this action did not result in a goal, a few minutes later, the young forward found the back of the net. During a powerplay, France relentlessly pressured the Danish goal, and Charles Bertrand’s third attempt in a minute caused chaos. Consequently, Aurélien Dair, who had already scored two goals for the French team on the previous day, capitalized on the situation. Unfortunately, Denmark equalized shortly after through Patrick Russell. The remainder of the third period witnessed both teams taking their chances, including an impressive solo effort from Anthony Rech.

After an initial scare in front of Julian Junca’s goal early in the third period, Kévin Bozon successfully manages to scoop the puck in the Danish defensive zone and delivers a perfect pass to Aurélien Dair, who confidently scores with a shot into the right corner. Just like in the first period, Denmark quickly equalizes. And once again, it’s Patrick Russell who responds to Aurélien Dair. Philippe Bozon’s players gain a powerplay and opportunity, but unfortunately, they fail to capitalize on it. The game sees a series of clear chances: Thomas Thiry hits the post with a shot from a difficult angle. Kévin Bozon, who breaks away, lacks precision in his one-on-one encounter during the middle of the game. Who better than the captain to lead his team back on track? In the 35th minute, Sacha Treille skillfully intercepts an opponent’s pass and charges towards the goal. It’s a perfect setup for a goal on  George Soerensen of Denmark.

The third period begins with a double Danish superiority to manage. Unfortunately, the French will not be able to resist and will concede two goals in quick succession from Joachim Blichfeld and Mikkel Aagaard. The French team needing a goal to tie the game go on the attack with an attempt from Anthony Rech which touches the top of the net The French team misses the opportunity to equalize. Tomas Simonsen ventures into the Danish defensive zone and manages to equalize at close range of the cage to tie the at four goals a piece..  Push by a pro French crowd Vincent Llorca scores a fifth goal! After good work from Tim Bozon and Enzo Guebey. With two victories, the French team won the Epinal 4 Nations Tournament and now will start preparing for the World Championships.

The Hungarian Women’s National Team Win Tournament In Slovakia

By National Teams of Ice Hockey

Anikó Németh took up the position of goalkeeper for the Hungarian team, while Helga Milibák served as the backup. Hayley Williams and Petra Szamosfalvi were not included in the match-day squad.

The national team had a fantastic start, with Alexandra Huszák, who was celebrating her 100th game, scoring a goal just one minute into the match by skillfully maneuvering the puck past the opposing goalkeeper. The first period presented limited opportunities, but as the game progressed, the Hungarians gained the upper hand. However, they were unable to extend their lead. Despite being at a disadvantage, the defense performed admirably, with Anikó Németh making crucial saves.

In the opening of the third period, the Slovaks managed to reverse the situation. Hlinkova scored the first goal with a power play, capitalizing on a rebound. Istocyova then skillfully maneuvered and fired a shot from to the short side corner. Seizing another opportunity, the home team extended their lead in the 52nd minute when Kubekova knocked in a puck that had been returned from behind the goal. However, the Hungarian team refused to surrender, and within a little over a minute, Boglárka Báhiczki-Tóth narrowed the gap with a precise shot. Determined to equalize, the national team relentlessly pressed forward, even enjoying a man advantage in the second half. Finally, in the midst of a scramble in front of the goal, Regina Metzler successfully leveled the score.

In the game, there was a sense of caution due to the additional time. Lotti Odnoga’s shot posed a threat, while on the opposing side, they had the opportunity to secure a win with an extra player, but Németh managed to save their attempts.

Réka Dabasi successfully converted the penalty Shot for  Hungary, and Fanni Garát-Gasparics scored in the winning shot resulting in a 4-3 victory for Hungary.

With this win in Bratislava, the national team has now accumulated six points in the tournament, just like they did in Budapest back in December. This serves as a promising indication ahead of the World Championship in April.



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