Largest Ice Rink in Rabat

By National Team of Ice Hockey

Morocco has witnessed the establishment and commencement of numerous projects and workshops, with work progressing in all directions and across several cities, particularly prominent ones. These endeavors are aligned with the Kingdom’s policy and strategy to emerge as a frontrunner among nations, both on the African continent and globally.

At present, Moroccan officials are particularly focused on sports projects. A range of endeavors have been initiated, such as the establishment of football fields, indoor halls, and a specialized ice hockey facility. This demonstrates the prioritization of sports development within the nation.

Under the authorization of the Ministry of Sports, the National Agency for Public Utilities has commenced a consultation process to conclude the first phase of this project. The successful completion of this endeavor calls for an investment of around 246 million dirhams or 24,398,710.50 in us dollars.

Over the course of 18 months, the construction work for the new sports hall in Rabat is projected to be completed. Boasting an expansive area of 2,524 square meters, the ice hockey rink within the facility will hold the distinction of being the largest of its kind in all of Africa. Furthermore, the building will encompass a range of other sports facilities for a verity of sports.