By National Teams of Ice Hockey

Over the span of five days, a total of 16 matches were played by seven teams divided into two groups. Group A witnessed the remarkable performance of the Tatarstan team, securing the first place by achieving three victories in three meetings. Their dominance continued in the semifinals as they triumphed over the combined team of Turkey and Mongolia (MIXED TEAM). In the final showdown, the hosts of the tournament showcased their strength by overcoming the resilient resistance of Kazakhstan in a thrilling shootout, ultimately emerging victorious with a score of 3:2. The bronze medal was awarded to Turkey and Mongolia (MIXED TEAM), who narrowly defeated Dordoi of Kyrgyzstan in a closely contested match, ending with a score of 7-6.

Meanwhile, the Baku Flames from Azerbaijan made an impressive international debut in Group B, clinching the top spot with two victories. Their journey culminated in the final match, where they achieved a resounding triumph over Bahrain with a score of 7:3. On the other hand, Iran secured the third place in the group, despite not securing any wins. However, they did engage in a friendly match against Turkey and Mongolia (MIXED TEAM) on the final day, emerging victorious with a score of 11:5.

Overall, the tournament showcased the exceptional skills and determination of various teams, with Tatarstan and the Baku Flames emerging as the champions of their respective groups. The intense matches and close contests demonstrated the competitive spirit of the participating teams, making the event a memorable one for both the players and the spectators.