By National Teams of Ice Hockey

The Jamaica national men’s ice hockey team continues to hold the top position following the conclusion of the second round of the Challenger series held in Long Island, USA, over the past weekend. Out of the four games played, the team emerged victorious in two games, triumphing over Puerto Rico with a score of 11-2 and defeating Lebanon with a score of 8-4. However, they faced setbacks in the remaining two games, losing 5-7 to Puerto Rico and 4-6 to Lebanon.

The Jamaican team’s strong performance in both the New York games and the series as a whole has solidified their position at the top of the standings. With their exceptional goal-scoring record and consistent victories, Jamaica has proven to be a formidable force in the competition, showcasing their skill and determination on the Ice.

Despite the shortage of players, the team’s exceptional performance has been evident. President Don Anderson, as quoted in a news release from the Jamaica Ice Hockey Federation, highlighted that the team in New York started with 14 players, which was four players less than the other teams.

Jamaica had a busy day ahead with two matches scheduled for Friday. However, their plans took an unexpected turn during the first game against Puerto Rico. Carter Thornton, an integral member of the team, unfortunately suffered a broken elbow from a tackle. As a result, our team’s strength was diminished, leaving us with only 13 players for the rest of the series.

Notwithstanding the challenges, the team showcased their brilliance on the field, overpowering Puerto Rico with an impressive 11-2 triumph. This resounding victory stood as the most significant margin of success witnessed throughout the entire tournament. Furthermore, Ethan Finlayson, who had been indisposed during the team’s first game, made a timely recovery and rejoined the squad for the subsequent encounter against Lebanon. This boosted our team’s strength to a total of 14 players, a fact that Anderson highlighted with enthusiasm.

In the second encounter between Jamaica and Lebanon, the former was unable to secure a victory, ultimately losing with a score of 4-6. The game occurred just eight hours after the first game, shedding light on the obstacles posed by having a smaller pool of players available for rotation during gameplay.

Regrettably, Jamaica was unable to secure a victory in the third game against Puerto Rico, ending with a score of 5-7. The primary reason behind this loss can be attributed to the players’ increasing fatigue throughout the game. This weariness resulted in a number of unforced errors and costly goals, ultimately impacting the outcome of the game in Puerto Rico’s favor.

The Jamaican team showcased their exceptional ice hockey skills in the highly competitive final game against a significantly improved Lebanon side on Sunday morning. Throughout the game, Jamaica maintained their lead and emerged victorious with an impressive scoreline of 8-4. The game proved to be the most challenging of the series for the Jamaican outfit, highlighting the team’s resilience and determination.

The series will now move to Toronto, Canada in July.