By National teams of Ice Hockey

Finland’s women’s team showcased their dominance in the final match of the Czech EHT competition against Germany, securing an impeccable 4-0 victory. This triumph not only sealed their victory in the entire competition but also highlighted their exceptional performance. Despite a tough challenge from Germany, Finland emerged victorious against Switzerland and the Czech Republic in the earlier matches. Although they narrowly lost to Sweden in a thrilling shootout, their overall success in the tournament remains commendable.

Petra Nieminen (3+3) emerged as the most skilled player in Finland throughout the entire competition. Noora Tulus (2+2), Michelle Karvinen (1+3), and Ronja Savolainen (0+4) all concluded the competition with 4 points. Additionally, Karvinen was selected as the competition’s top forward.

According to Saara Niemi, the coach of the Ladies’ Lions, the team’s focus during the competition was on playing a strong defense and dominating the area. Niemi believes that these strategies were also effective in the match against Germany. However, in Niemi’s opinion, the overall performance and atmosphere did not quite measure up to Friday’s game against the Czechia.

Niemi states that the team’s grip on the game improved towards the end, accompanied by a solid fundamental game, resulting in a triumph over Germany.

In the match against Germany, captain Jenni Hiirikoski (scoring two goals), Noora Tulus, and Julia Liikala completed the scoring for the Finnish team.

The path of the female lions persists as they advance towards the World Championships, scheduled to take place from April 3 to 14 in the USA.

Tereza Vanisova emerged as the top scorer of the tournament, accumulating eight points in four games. Meanwhile, Mrazova, Petra Nieminen, and Sapovalivova shared the second position with six points each.