Source: localbh

A UAE-based company named W.E.T.E.R, has unveiled an idea for Bahrain and is proposing an amazing combination of wind energy and an ice arena! It’s a project that brings together sustainability and sports.

In May 2023, the W.E.T.E.R project team presented their ideas to the authorities, economic planners, and construction professionals in Bahrain. Led by Mr. Abdullah Mohammed al-Qasemi, Chairman of the Bahrain ice hockey club, they shared technical and design materials for an electricity-generating building. But wait, there’s more!
In June 2023 The Ministry of Youth and Sports Affairs saw the potential and wanted to take it up a notch by integrating the facility with an ice arena. The W.E.T.E.R project team, experts in wind energy and sustainable architecture, got to work and developed a fantastic design. They seamlessly merged the power-generating building with the ice arena, creating a facility that honestly looks so cool. The Ministry of Youth and Sports now has the graphic drawings and other supporting materials in their hands. They’re carefully evaluating the proposal.

Bahrain is always showcasing its commitment to a greener future in the most remarkable ways! To stay updated on the progress of this remarkable project, be sure to visit their website here.