By Steven Ellis –

The 2016 Deutschland Cup came to a close on Sunday with Canada defeating Germany by a score of 3-1.

Earlier in the afternoon, Slovakia finished off their tournament with a 4-1 victory, getting the victory they needed to secure the tournament title. Their victory against Canada on Saturday was going to make things tough for the Canadians even if Slovakia lost on Sunday, but it wouldn`t matter in the end of the three-day tournament.

Even though they knew they didn’t have much on the line outside of pride, Canada wanted to finish with as many points as possible. fTheir bid for that goal started off early with the first mark on the goal sheet at just 5:23. Nic Peterson made a good move to send the puck to Kevin Clark, and one of Canada’s top players made the most of it by firing it glove side on Niklas Treutle and in for the 1-0 goal early.

While Daniel Taylor was playing well in the Canadian net, his team in front of him was doing quite the good job to put Canada far ahead in the lead. At 17:24, Brandon Kozun passed the puck out in front to Jonathan Sigalet, who then sent the pass to Derek Roy. Roy was in a great spot to send the puck into the net, giving Canada the 2-0 lead.

Then, at 18:11, Canada would make it 3-0. This time, Clark would get his second of the game after rushing into the zone and firing the hard wrist shot past Treutle and in to give Canada the sizeable lead heading into the first intermission.

Canada`s hope of finishing the game off with a shutout came up short. At 5:49, Thomas Greilinger picked up the loose puck in a bit of a scramble in front and shot it at net, only to have the puck bounce off of Canadian Jesse Blacker in front and in for the 3-1 goal. It wasn`t enough to spark a comeback, as Taylor held strong in the net and Canada kept their 3-1 lead to take second place in the 2016 Deutschland Cup.