By Caymen Compass

Word of plans for a 4,000-seat ice stadium in Grand Cayman emerged in late 2014, when a group of Canadian entrepreneurs pitched membership packages to potential clients.

At the time, the plan, according to Tim Best, CEO of Cayman Ice Palace, was to attract NHL teams, a Disney on Ice show and major concerts to the arena.

Originally intended to be situated next to Cost-U-Less, the intended site was moved to George Town. Former planning minister Kurt Tibbetts publicly endorsed the project, telling crowds at a Chamber of Commerce lunch in 2015 that it would be a key part of the revitalization of George Town.

Very little has happened since that time, however, and no plans have been submitted to the Central Planning Authority.

Mr. Best told the Compass, for this article, that he still believes the project will happen, though it may alter from what was initially envisaged.

“I have and will continue to work tirelessly to build a multi-purpose entertainment facility as part of an entertainment district in George Town,” he said.

“Research shows this will be an excellent avenue for the prosperity of not only downtown but for all of Cayman. To that end, my commitment is unwavering until this project becomes a reality.”