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Ice Hockey in China is governed by the Chinese Ice Hockey Association. China has been a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1963. South Africa Men’s national team made their international debut in 1972, while the Women and Junior teams made their debuts in 1992 & 1986. This page shows the history of the Men’s, Women & Junior national teams.

Men’s National Team
IIHF Member: July 25th, 1963
Nickname: Dragons
China Men Official Results
China Men Unofficial Results
China Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played: March 12th, 1956, 4-2 loss to Romania.
First Unofficial Game Played: March 22nd, 1956, 13-7 loss to Tarta Kolin
Longest Official Winning Streak: (10) March 17th, 1985-March 7th, 1986
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak: (2) December 7th-11th, 2018
Longest Official Unbeaten Streak: (18) March 15th, 1985-April 1st, 1986
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak: (2) December 7th-11th, 2018
Longest Official Losing Streak:(17) September 4th, 1986-March 21st, 1988
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak: (18) December 7th, 1985-October 8th, 2018
Biggest Official Win: 35-0 over Kuwait February 1st,1999
Biggest Unofficial Win: 10-4 over Colorado College December 21st,1982
Biggest Official Loss: 22-0 to Latvia April 8th,1994
Biggest Unofficial Loss:15-2 to Australia Selects August 18th, 2011.
Asian Winter Games/ Asia Cup: Gold: 1986, 1990, Silver: 1992, Bronze: 1995, 1996, 1999, 2003


1GKParis O’BrienKunlun Red Star
20GKPengfei HanKunlun Red Star
3DJake CheliosKunlun Red Star
6DZimeng ChenKunlun Red Star
2DJie LiuKunlun Red Star
5DRyan SproulKunlun Red Star
22DRuinan YanKunlun Red Star
10DZachary YuanKunlun Red Star
9DEnlai ZhengKunlun Red Star
7DKelin ZhouKunlun Red Star
12FWParker FooKunlun Red Star
15FWSpencer FooKunlun Red Star
17FWJianing GuoKunlun Red Star
4FWCory KaneKunlun Red Star
23FWJia LuoKunlun Red Star
13FWJialei ShenKunlun Red Star
21FWTyler WongKunlun Red Star
8FWJuncheng YanKunlun Red Star
18FWBrandon Yip Kunlun Red Star
16FWZesen ZhangKunlun Red Star
19FWWei ZhongKunlun Red Star
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Women National Team
IIHF Member: July 25th, 1963
Nickname: Lady Dragons
China Women Official Results
China Women Unofficial Results
China Women Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played: January 1st, 1992, 10-0 win over to Japan.
First Unofficial Game Played: September 13th, 1997, 13-1 win over Red Deer Bandits
Longest Official Winning Streak: (6) February 22nd-November 13th, 2010
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak: (4) October 18th-October 23rd, 2016
Longest Official Unbeaten Streak: (6) February 22nd-November 13th, 2010
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak: (6) September 9th-October 10th, 2009
Longest Official Losing Streak: (10) April 4th, 2009-February 20, 2010
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak: (9) October 10th-November 25th, 2011
Biggest Official Win: 30-1 over South Korea January 31st, 2003
Biggest Unofficial Win: 13-1 over Red Deer Bandits September 13th, 1997
Biggest Official Loss: 16-0 to United States January 22nd, 2002
Biggest Unofficial Loss: 14-1 to Calgary Oval X-treme October 10th, 2007
Asian Winter Games/Asia Cup: Gold: 1996, 1999, Silver: 2003, 2017, Bronze: 2007, 2011
Challenge Cup of Asia: Gold: 2010, 2014, Silver: 2012


1GKTia ChanUniversity of Connecticut (USA)
24GKYuqing WangKRS Vanke Rays
2DYu BaiweiKRS Vanke Rays
20DAnna FeiRobert Morris University (USA)
5DHuier HuangUniversity of Connecticut (USA)
6DZhixin LiuKRS Vanke Rays
4DYuting WangKRS Vanke Rays
13DQinan ZhaoKRS Vanke Rays
17FWHu  BaozhanKRS Vanke Rays
23FWXin FangKRS Vanke Rays
14FWYingying GuanKRS Vanke Rays
16FWXin HeKRS Vanke Rays
17FWLan Mu KangUniversity of Minnesota Duluth (USA)
10FWMi LeKRS Vanke Rays
22FWBeika LiKRS Vanke Rays
9FWJiaxin LinKRS Vanke Rays
19FWNi LinKRS Vanke Rays
8FWQiqi LinKRS Vanke Rays
11FWXifang ZhangSt. Lawrence University (USA)
3FWRui ZhuKRS Vanke Rays
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U20 National Team
IIHF Member: July 25th, 1963
China U20 Official Results
China U20 Unofficial Results
China U20 Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played: March 21st,1986, 11-4 loss to France.
First Unofficial Game Played: March 14th, 1959, 5-3 loss to YaMZ Yaroslavl
Longest Official Winning Streak: (10) January 25th, 2018-January 29th, 2020
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak: (1) March 15th, 1959
Longest Official Unbeaten Streak: (10) January 25th, 2018-January 29th, 2020
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak: (1) March 15th, 1959
Longest Official Losing Streak: (12) December 10th, 2012-December 14th, 2009
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak: (2) March 30th, 2012-December 1st, 2016
Biggest Official Win: 14-0 over Turkey January 19th, 2012
Biggest Unofficial Win: 6-4 over YaMZ Yaroslavl March 15th, 1959
Biggest Official Loss: 20-0 to Hungary & Poland December 13th-16th, 2010
Biggest Unofficial Loss: 15-0 to MHL Red Stars December 1st, 2016
University/Challenge Cup of Asia: Bronze 2010, 2011


1GKShifeng ChenMercer Chiefs
2GKBoyan TainBeijing Ice Hockey
12DChonglang JinBeijing Ice Hockey
7DYilong LiBeijing Ice Hockey
5DJianuo SongBeijing Ice Hockey
15DZiyao WeiBeijing Ice Hockey
13DHanyong XuBeijing Ice Hockey
14DRenhan XuBeijing Ice Hockey
22DKaibo ZhangBeijing Ice Hockey
23FWKailin ChenSt, Michael’s Buzzards (CAN)
10FWXingnan ChenBeijing Ice Hockey
21FWJiahao HuBeijing Ice Hockey
8FWTenghe HuangPAL Jr. Islanders (USA)
24FWMingshenhao LiMississauga Chargers (CAN)
19FWZhichen LiBeijing Ice Hockey
18FWChaoyi LiuBeijing Ice Hockey
25FWZihao LiuBeijing Ice Hockey
9FWRong LungGilmour Academy (USA)
11FWZyiyi LyuPAL Jr. Islanders
16FWSiSheng MaBeijing Ice Hockey
6FWJiyuan WuBeijing Ice Hockey
17FWTianyi ZhangBeijing Ice Hockey
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