The Chinese team went to South Africa to participate in World Championships Division III Group A and won the first gold medal in team history.

Source: United Daily News

Chinese Taipei ice hockey team has been reporting success. In April last year, it first won the U18 World Ice Hockey Championship Division III Group A . This year, it challenged the  U18 World Championships Division II Group B for the first time and won the bronze medal . The men’s  team won the IIHF World Men’s Championship Division III Group A gold medal in Group A. This is the best result in the team’s 16 year history.

Chinese Taipei established the Ice Hockey Association in 1983, and began to challenge the U18 World Ice Hockey Championship in 1999, and the Men representative team was not established until 2007. Weifeng Zong, secretary-general of the Chinese Ice Hockey Association, mentioned that the first game to played for the Men was in 2008 Challenge Cup of Asia In Hong Kong. “The Challenge Cup held in Asia is for teams that cannot participate in the official championship . The Asian Federation invited us to sign up for the World Championships in 2017, and then we started to participate in the World Championships.”

It was only in 2017 that we began to challenge the world powers. The Chinese team’s journey to the World Championships was suspended for two years due to the  pneumonia epidemic, and almost all the players were “slash” part-time players. They worked during the day and trained at night.  Our first  game in the Championship was against Thailand 11:2 win, the we beat South Africa 6:1, The their game we defeated Luxembourg 10:0, and defeating Turkmenistan 3:1 in the final battle, winning the first place in team history with a complete victory World Championship gold medal.

The World Championships are divided into four levels, which are divided into groups A and B. Although the Chinese team won the first place in the third level, it is still uncertain whether they can be promoted. Weifeng Zong, explained that due to the impact of the epidemic, some countries did not participate or withdrew from the competition. The formal grouping will not be clear until the annual meeting in May of this year.

The Chinese Taipei team achieved great results and we hope to continue our journey to the top in the the future.