By National Team of Ice Hockey

Juggling a hectic schedule, Danna Ramadan’s ability to maintain utmost organization is crucial for her to dedicate herself to particular tasks. Currently, her primary endeavor revolves around guarding the net as one of the two goalies for the Princeton Tiger Lillies of New Jersey.

Ramadan, a player with dual citizenship, is set to represent the National Egyptian Women’s Hockey Team during the first-ever Dream Nations Cup. In addition to her rigorous hockey schedule, the 16-year-old athlete must also balance her academic commitments. She has put importance of preparing for the SAT exams while juggling her training sessions.

Ramadan, whose aspiration is to compete in Division I college hockey, began her hockey journey approximately seven years ago. Transitioning to the position of goalie after spending a year on the ice, she embraced the unique challenges and responsibilities that came with the role.

Danna Ramadan was first introduced to the sport by her father, Sameh Ramadan, who holds dual citizenship and was born in America.

Sameh, who grew up in New Jersey, developed a passion for ice hockey and became a devoted fan of the Rangers. He spent his childhood playing street hockey and ice hockey, honing his skills and love for the game.

In 2016, Sameh’s cousin, who was residing in Egypt at the time, was actively involved in ice hockey as a goalie. This connection sparked Sameh’s interest, and he decided to participate in the inaugural African Ice Hockey Clubs Cup held in Morocco. It was an exciting opportunity for Sameh to showcase his talent and contribute to the growth of ice hockey in Africa.

The destruction of Egypt served as a catalyst for Sameh to step up his involvement in the sport. His efforts to pave the way for Egypt’s entry into the IIHF and official recognition from the government marked a significant turning point. As a result, by the year 2021, Egypt found itself under the auspices of the Egyptian National Olympic Committee, entrusted with the task of fostering the growth of ice hockey in the country.

The Dream Nations Cup holds great significance for Danna Ramadan, as it signifies the debut of Egypt’s women’s national ice hockey team. This groundbreaking moment fills her with excitement and anticipation. Ramadan considers it a tremendous privilege to not only be a part of the team but also to serve as their goalie, a position that requires skill, dedication, and leadership.

One might assume that a country with vast desert landscapes and a scarcity of ice rinks would not be a breeding ground for ice hockey talent. Nevertheless, the rise of individuals such as Sarah Nurse and Hillary Knight serves as a testament to the fact that exceptional athletes can emerge from the unlikeliest of origins.