By National Teams of Ice Hockey

The Men’s Final of the Dream Nations Cup in New Jersey witnessed an exhilarating showdown between Algeria and Armenia HC, with Algeria ultimately clinching a remarkable 7-6 victory in overtime. The match was a true spectacle, captivating the audience with its intense and nail-biting moments.

The Men’s Bronze medal game at the Dream Nations Cup in New Jersey left a lasting impression on spectators, highlighting the excitement and unpredictability of sports. Team Indigenous’s triumph over Egypt not only secured them a prestigious medal but also served as a testament to their talent and potential in the world of international competition. The match will be remembered as a thrilling and memorable moment in the history of the tournament.

Algeria Wins the first ever Dream Nations Cup.

The Dream Nations Cup Women’s Final in New Jersey provided an enthralling spectacle as Team Caribbean and Amsterdam Tigers clashed in a highly competitive encounter. The best 2 out of 3 contest saw both teams showcasing their skills and determination, resulting in a split of the first two games. The final match, however, took the excitement to another level, with Amsterdam Tigers securing an impressive 5-1 victory. Throughout the game, the audience was treated to intense and nerve-wracking moments, making it a truly captivating event that will be remembered for years to come.

The Women’s Bronze medal match at the Dream Nations Cup in New Jersey featured a thrilling showdown between Egypt and Team Indigenous (Six Nations). In a surprising turn of events, Egypt, competing in their first international tournament, emerged victorious with a 4-1 win. This historic triumph marked a significant milestone for Egypt’s inaugural women’s team, showcasing their talent and determination on the global stage.

Amsterdam Tigers capture the first ever Dream nations Cup.