By National Teams of Ice Hockey

The Dream Nations Cup was established as a non-profit organization with the purpose of serving as a platform to demonstrate the progress of ice hockey on a worldwide level. In collaboration with prominent sponsors such as CCM and American Dream, the event joined forces with various hockey charitable causes, including Hockey4All, The Hockey Foundation, and the Friendship League, to involve more than 25 programs across six continents in the recruitment of participants for its inaugural edition. The tournament not only provides competitive games for Nations with top-notch officiating, professional in-game production value, and global media exposure, but also grants players and fans access to discounts for a wide range of attractions and experiences at a distinctive venue located near New York City. Looking ahead to next year’s iteration of the event, we aim to incorporate multi-language broadcasting and merchandise as part of our ongoing efforts.

Teams in the very first Dream Nations Cup.

is making its debut in the United States for the first time, showcasing their ice hockey skills on an international platform.
Egypt’s men’s and women’s ice hockey teams are set to participate in the Dream Nations Cup, with the women’s team making their inaugural appearance.

Armenia HC, founded in 2022, is dedicated to fostering the growth of ice hockey in Armenia and supporting its development.

The Central American hockey team, established in 2021, represents seven countries in the region and includes players from Canada and the United States with Central American roots.

The Mexico Lions recently competed in the Latam Cup, showcasing their talent and passion for ice hockey.

Team Indigenous
is introducing men’s and women’s teams for its first ever international sport representation with a focus on promoting the sport and empowering Native American athletes.The Hockey Caribbean women’s team, a part of the Hockey Players of Color Movement, aims to provide opportunities for minority players with ties to the 23 territories of the region and debuted at the Latam Cup.

The Amsterdam Tigers, competing in the DFEL Bundesliga,, are committed to promoting ice hockey among women in Europe and creating a strong community of female players.

The Dream Nations Cup is scheduled to take place from April 24th to April 28th at The Rink at American Dream located in East Rutherford, New Jersey.