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Ice Hockey in East Germany

Ice Hockey in East Germany was governed by the Deutscher Eislauf-Verband Der DDR. East Germany ice hockey team created in 1951 and was a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation 1954-1990.   The only time they competed in the Olympics was in Grenoble in 1968. The national team refused to participate in any future Olympic hockey tournaments. The team ceased playing in 1990, just before the German reunification.

Men’s National Team
IIHF Member From: 1954 – 1990
East Germany Men Official Results
East Germany Men Unofficial Results
East Germany Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played: January 28th, 1951, 8-3 loss to Poland
First Unofficial Game Played: April 22nd, 1951, 23-2 loss to Soviet Union
Longest Official Winning Streak: (23) November 20th, 1976-March 26th, 1977
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak: (3) February 15th-November 11th, 1976
Longest Official Unbeaten Streak: (23) November 20th, 1976-March 26th, 1977
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak: (5) February 19th-August 28th, 1969
Longest Official Losing Streak: (12) January 28th, 1951-December 25th, 1952
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak: (18) April 19th, 1962- November 29th, 1965
Biggest Official Win: 20-0 over France March 12th, 1980
Biggest Unofficial Win: 12-1 over Manglerud IL September 7th, 1977
Biggest Official Loss: 27-3 to Czechoslovakia April 25th, 1951
Biggest Unofficial Loss: 29-0 to Soviet Union October 8th, 1953
European Championships: Bronze 1966


1 GK Rene Bielke SC Dynamo Berlin
2 GK Tomas Bresagk SG Dynamo Weisswasser
3 D Thorsten Deutscher SC Dynamo Berlin
4 D Olaf Engelmann SG Dynamo Weisswasser
5 D Tom Gobel PEV Weisswasser
6 D Torsten Kienass SC Dynamo Berlin
7 D Joachim Lempio SC Dynamo Berlin
8 D Frank Liebert SG Dynamo Weisswasser
9 D Dirk Perschau SC Dynamo Berlin
10 D Gerd Vogel SG Dynamo Weisswasser
11 FW Henry Domke PEV Weisswasser
12 FW Andreas Gebauer PEV Weisswasser
13 FW Thomas Graul SC Dynamo Berlin
14 FW Hubert Hahn SG Dynamo Weisswasser
15 FW Jorg Handrick SG Dynamo Weisswasser
16 FW Ralf Hantschke SG Dynamo Weisswasser
17 FW Harald Kuhnke SC Dynamo Berlin
18 FW Andreas Ludwig PEV Weisswasser
19 FW Mario Nester SC Dynamo Berlin
20 FW Frank Proske SC Dynamo Berlin
21 FW Detlef Radnet SC Dynamo Berlin
22 FW Jan Schertz SC Dynamo Berlin
  HC Hartmut Nickel (1990 Squad)