By Fahd Shefaqa – Kuwait New Agency

Pushing themselves beyond their limits on a hard freezing surface of the skating rink, members of the national women’s ice hockey team have set their minds on honorably representing Kuwait at regional and international  tournaments. 

Marking October 31st on their calenders, Kuwait “ice ladies” who recently formed their team with the support of Kuwait Winter Sport Federation  – – said that they would stop at nothing to attain recognition from the global ice hockey community during their participation in an international tournament in Thailand. 

Bearing witness to the devotion and sacrifice of the Kuwait women ice hockey team, Manger Reham Najaf told KUNA that though the unofficial origins of the team date bake to 2007, they got a strong boost from the federation through the formation of the national squad and unconditional financia support. There are around 56 women athletes registered so far, she said.

Manger Reham Najaf

The upcoming international tournament in Thailand (Land of Smiles 2017) will be the first testing ground for the players who are giving it all during the preparations, said Najaf who indicated that the federation showed keenness to develop the team’s skills via holding training camp in the Czech Republic in preparation for the tournament.

While manger Najaf could speak about the administrative aspects of the game, team captain Rawan Al-Bahhou and her teammates are the ones who will fend off the pucks from getting inside Kuwait goal and they are also the ones responsible for drawing smiles on people faces once they score.  Playing ice hockey is a dream come true and I cannot imagine a better thing to do, said Al-Bahhou enthusiastically. 

Team Captain Rawan Al-Bahhou

The team is ready to take on other squads who are far more experienced and disciplined, she affirmed, adding that the participation in Thailand was not only about winning, but rather making a statement Kuwait women are ready and willing to square off against the best of the best.

Not to be outdone by the captain of the team, teammate Aisha Al-Diweli said that her squad was not less important then the male national team who have performed very well in recent regional tournaments. 

The relative young age of the women’s team, 20 years and below, and the players willingness to compete will have an impact on the future of the Kuwait national women team, said Al-Diweli.

The Team, through “blood and sweat”, will gain respect of their international peers and the upcoming tournament will provide a chance just to do that, she affirmed.

Teammate Aisha Al-Diweli