By National Teams of Ice Hockey

The IIHF Men’s World Championship, scheduled for 2025, will witness the inclusion of Armenia and Uzbekistan as new entrants. Both countries have expressed their desire to participate in this renowned ice hockey tournament, highlighting their commitment to developing the sport within their borders. This expansion reflects the increasing interest and enthusiasm for ice hockey worldwide, as nations strive to showcase their skills on the international stage.

The President of the Kuwaiti Winter Games Club, Fuhaid Al-Ajmi, recently revealed that the upcoming Division 4 tournament organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation will include Iran, Kuwait, Indonesia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, and Armenia. This expansion will see the number of participating teams increase from four to six, providing more opportunities for countries to compete at the international level.

Despite the exciting news of the tournament expansion, one key detail remains uncertain – the host country for the championship. With no official host announced yet, the participating teams are eagerly awaiting further updates from the International Ice Hockey Federation. The addition of two more teams to the tournament lineup adds an extra layer of anticipation and excitement for both players and fans alike.

Singapore’s participation in the IIHF World Championship

The IIHF has recently announced the tournament hosts and participants for the upcoming 2024-25 season, in both the Men’s World Championship, and the Women’s World Championship. It is noteworthy that Singapore has been selected to be a part of both categories. This decision by the IIHF showcases the growing recognition and development of ice hockey in Singapore, as the country joins other nations in hosting and competing in this prestigious event.