Ireland win the 2024 IIHF Development cup

Ireland is rejoicing in their triumphant win.

By National Teams Of Ice Hockey

On Saturday, the Ireland men’s team emerged victorious and clinched the gold medal at the International Ice Hockey Federation Development Cup in Slovakia. In the final match held in Bratislava, Ireland triumphed over Portugal with an impressive scoreline of 5-1. The Irish goals were skillfully netted by Raimonds Karpinski, Ronan Weir, Nolan Regan, Declan Weir, and Andrew Stefura.

This remarkable win marked a perfect record for the Irish team throughout the tournament. Prior to the final, they had already showcased their prowess by defeating Brazil, Greece, Colombia, Argentina, and Portugal in the group phase. The team’s exceptional performance and cohesive gameplay were evident as they dominated their opponents and secured victory in each match.

The Development Cup, organized by the International Ice Hockey Federation, is specifically designed for associate members. This prestigious tournament, first held in 2017, provides a platform for emerging teams to showcase their talent and compete at an international level. In the inaugural edition, Ireland had finished as the runners-up, making their recent triumph even more significant. The team’s dedication, skill, and determination have undoubtedly solidified their position as a force to be reckoned with in the world of ice hockey.


  1. Joe Sheehy

    Great job this year from the players, coaches and admin staff. Now, on to next year. Good luck.

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