Ice Hockey in Ireland

Ice Hockey in Ireland is governed by the Irish Ice Hockey Association. Ireland has been a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 1996. Ireland Men’s national team made their International debut in 2004. Ireland last played in 2013 because they are unable to compete in any IIHF tournaments because they cannot fulfill the minimum standard of having one operational indoor rink . In 2017 Ireland Men’s national team return at inaugural Development Cup In Canillo, Andorra where they placed 2nd. The Women and Junior teams made their debuts in 2011 & 2001. This page shows the history of the Men’s, Women & Junior national teams.

Men’s National Team
IIHF Member: September 26th, 1996
Nickname: The Boys in Green
Ireland Men Official Results
Ireland Men Unofficial Results
Ireland Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played: March 16th, 2004, 8-3 loss to Mexico
First Unofficial Game Played: February 19th, 2005, 20-1 loss to Peterborough Phantoms
Longest Official Winning Streak: (3) April 14th-17th, 2010
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak: (4)  April 9th, 2011-February 5th, 2022
Longest Official Unbeaten Streak: (4) May 5th-7th, 2022
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak: (4) April 9th, 2011-February 5th, 2022
Longest Official Losing Streak: (7) April 7th, 2008-April 11th, 2009
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak: (2) February 19th-20th, 2005
Biggest Official Win: 23-1 over Armenia March 8th, 2005
Biggest Unofficial Win: 10-6 over Latvian Hawks February 5th, 2022
Biggest Official Loss: 22-0 to Romania April 13th, 2011
Biggest Unofficial Loss: 20-1 to Peterborough Phantoms February 19th, 2005
Development Cup: Silver: 2017, Bronze: 2018, 2022


1GKAndrew DicksonBelfast Giants (GBR)
2GKCallum GrayTeam Ireland
3GKThomas CarpenterHC Château d’Oex (SUI)
4DAaron Collins Team Ireland
5DZac Cummings Team Ireland
6DRyan DickTeam Ireland
7DRaimonds KaarpinskiTeam Ireland
8DGreg MundayTeam Ireland
9DMitchell ReillyTeam Ireland
10DDamien RocheTeam Ireland
11FWDarragh BondTeam Ireland
12FWPhil CatherwoodTeam Ireland
13FWJamie FergusonTeam Ireland
14FWConnor IrvineTeam Ireland
15FWAndrew RafterTeam Ireland
16FWNolan ReganTeam Ireland
17FWAdam Robinson Dundee Comets (GBR)
18FWDavid SallyTeam Ireland
19FWRonan WeirTeam Ireland
24FWAlec YoungTeam Ireland
 HC Aaron Guli (04/20/23)


Women’s National Team
IIHF Member:September 26th, 1996
Nickname: The Girls in Green
Ireland Women Official Results
Ireland Women Unofficial Results
Ireland Women Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played: March 14th, 2011, 23-0 loss to Poland
First Unofficial Game Played: September 5th, 2009, 2-2 tie with Peking Pumas
Longest Official Winning Streak: (2) November 10th-12, 2022
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak: (1) May 1st, 2010
Longest Official Unbeaten Streak: (2) November 10th-12, 2022
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak: (1) May 1st, 2010
Longest Official Losing Streak: (9) March 14th, 2011-November 9th, 2022
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak: (6) September 5th, 2009-May 1st 2010
Biggest Official Win: 12-0 over Andorra November 12th, 2022
Biggest Unofficial Win: 4-2 over Blue Whales May1st, 2010
Biggest Official Loss: 23-0 to Poland March 14th, 2011
Biggest Unofficial Loss: 7-0 to Sodertalje SK September 5th, 2009


33GKSarah  McFarlandIreland
1GKWiktoria GatkiewiczIreland
45DAnna CapcarrereIreland
95DHallie CumminsIreland
7DLorna HoeyIreland
61DAundrea HubbleIreland
11DSonya Mc EneaneyIreland
19DGabriela VlašánkováIreland
28FWHollie AndrewsIreland
88FWZsofia BartlIreland
72FWSinead JenningsIreland
17FWBeatty KarpinskaIreland
12FWMima MarkicevicIreland
40FWKaitlyn MorrisonIreland
91FWBeth NelsonIreland
44FWLara O’HeneighIreland
50FWLaura O’SullivanIreland
20FWDorinda SintonIreland
 HCAaron Guli (11/06/23)


U20 National Team
IIHF Member: September 26th, 1996
Ireland U20 Official Results
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played: April 26th, 2001, 10-0 loss to Luxembourg
Longest Official Losing Streak: (2) April 26th-28th, 2001
Biggest Official Win: 10-0 over Ireland April 27th, 2001
Biggest Official Loss: 20-1 to Iceland April 28th, 2001


1GKDermot CarneyDublin
2GKAaron CroninDublin
3DGraham CareyDublin
4DPhilip DarcyDublin
5DEmmet Dowling Dublin
6D Jonathan DunneDublin
7DJames HealyDublin
8DRay Keane Dublin
9DDavid KellyDublin
10D Lyne LyneDublin
11FWAllan BrowneDublin
12FWStephen CooperDublin
13FWRoss Cronin Dublin
14FWRoss KillenDublin
15FWMark OckendenDublin
16FWBrain PembertonDublin
17FWMarc-Macliam WilliamDublin
HCPeter Lalore(2001 Squad)


Irish Ice Hockey Association

Irish Ice Hockey Association