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Men’s National Team

IIHF Member March 23rd, 1912
Homepage FLHG Federation Luxembourgeoise
Facebook Icehockey Luxembourg
Nickname The Red Lions
Games Played 85
Wins 38 Losses 45 Ties 2
Longest Winning Streak (8) Apr 3rd, 2016-Apr 16th, 2017
Longest Unbeaten Streak (8) Apr 3rd, 2016-Apr 16th, 2017
Longest Losing Streak (6) Mar 25th, 2002-Apr 5th, 2003
Home Games 14 Away Games 71
Goals For 361 Goals Against 477
Most Games Benny Welter (71) Most Points Robert Beran (140)
First Game Played March 21st,1992 – 23-0 loss to South Africa
Biggest Win 38-3 over Armenia March 10th, 2005
Biggest Loss 31-0 to Spain March 25th,1992
Luxembourg vs Others
Games Played 4
Wins 1 Loses 2 Ties 1
Home Games 0 Away Games 4
Goals For 16 Goals Against 28
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GK Gilles Mangen – Tornado Luxembourg (LUX)
GK Michel Welter – IHC Beaufort (LUX)

DEF Cedric Farinon – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
DEF Jimmy Hilbert – Hiversport Huskies (LUX)
DEF Kai Linster – IHC Beaufort (LUX)

DEF Ronny Scheier – Tornado Luxembourg (LUX)
DEF Francios Schons – Tornado Luxembourg (LUX)
DEF Xavir Thill – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW Sacha Backes – Tornado Luxembourg (LUX)

FW Robert Beran – Tornado Luxembourg (LUX)
FW Thierry Beran – Tornado Luxembourg (LUX)
FW Colm Cannon – Tornado Luxembourg (LUX)
FW Maxime Cid – Hiversport Huskies (LUX)

FW Marcus Eriksson – Tornado Luxembourg (LUX)
FW Joel Holtzem – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW Ben Houdremont – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW Tony Jakubse – Tornado Luxembourg (LUX)

FW Bob Linster – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW Steven Minden – Tornado Luxembourg (LUX)
FW Miroslav Mosr – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW Nicolas Mossong – IHC Beaufort (LUX)

FW Brian Schleimer – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW Eric Wambach – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW Benny Welter – IHC Beaufort (LUX)

HC Petr Fical
Updated (03/30/17)

Junior U20 National Team

IIHF Member March 23rd, 1912
Homepage FLHG Federation Luxembourgeoise
Facebook Ice Hockey Luxembourg
Games Played 6
Wins 1 Losses 5 Ties 0
Longest Winning Streak (1) 2001
Longest Unbeaten Streak (1) 2001
Longest Losing Streak (4) 2003
Home Games 2 Away Games 4
Goals For 13 Goals Against 54
Most Games Several Players (6) Most Points Benny Welter & George Scheier (4)
First Game Played April 26th, 2001 – 6-2 loss to Iceland
Biggest Win 10-0 over Ireland April 28th, 2001
Biggest Loss 17-0 to South Korea January 21st, 2003
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GK Philippe Lepage – Hiversport Huskies (LUX)
GK Michel Welter – Tuusulan Kiekko (FIN)
DEF Yves Dostert – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
DEF Liam McEvoy – Hiversport Huskies (LUX)
DEF Serge Milano – Hiversport Huskies (LUX)
DEF Kevin Schimberg – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
DEF Francios Schons – Hiversport Huskies (LUX)
FW Alain Breuskn – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW Steve Charpantier – Rapids Remich (LUX)
FW Gerome Mart – Hiversport Huskies (LUX)
FW Jerry Matuszewski – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW David Mossong – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW Georges Scheier – Torando Luxembourg (LUX)
FW Denis Schmit – IHC Beaufort (LUX)
FW Frank Schram – Hiversport Huskies (LUX)
FW Eric Wambach – Hiversport Huskies (LUX)
FW David Zinelli – Hiversport Huskies (LUX)
HC Robert Beran
(2003 Squad)