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Ice Hockey in Malta

Ice Hockey in Malta is not a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation nor does it have a federation or association, but a group of players form a national team and in 2005 Malta played at CAE International Ice Hockey Tournament in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the team was sponsored by McDonalds. The national team disbanded after the ice rink was closed in Malta and has been inactive ever since.

Men’s National Team
Not IIHF Member
Played from  2004-2005
Malta Men Unofficial Results
Other Facts:
First Unofficial Game Played: April 21st, 2004 6-3 Loss to Dhahran Saad Falcons
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak: (5) April 24th, 2004-April 13th, 2005
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak: (5) April 24th, 2004-April 13th, 2005
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak: (2) April 21st, 2004
Biggest Unofficial Win: 9-2 win over Dhahran Saad Falcons April 13th, 2005
Biggest Unofficial Loss: 8-1 loss to Ghantoot April 13th, 2005


1GKAdrian Mizzi Malta Pirates
2DMike Calleja Sr.Malta Pirates
3DJonathan HggstamMalta Pirates
4DMarcus LindnerMalta Pirates
5DRichard Woodbridge Malta Pirates
6FWAlex Attard Malta Pirates
7FWKenneth AttardMalta Pirates
8FWJohn CorreiaMalta Pirates
9FWSimon SpiteriMalta Pirates
10FWRodney SpiteryMalta Pirates
11FWJuha UotilaMalta Pirates
12FWOssi UotilaMalta Pirates
 HCJan Hallkvist(2005 Squad)