Mongolia celebrates after winning the Ice Hockey World Championship Division IV tournament In Kuwait.

By National Teams of Ice Hockey

The journey to the championship for Mongolia began with a convincing 9-3 triumph over Indonesia in the opening match of the Worlds. This initial victory set the tone for their subsequent performances, demonstrating their determination and prowess. Following this, Mongolia continued their winning streak by defeating Kuwait with a commendable score of 5-2, further. 

Mongolia secured their championship title by overpowering Malaysia with a resounding 14-2 victory, propelling them to Division IIIB. This remarkable triumph showcased Mongolia’s dominance and skill on the international stage, solidifying their position as the deserving champions of the tournament.

Mongolia emerged as the champion with a flawless record of 3 wins and 0 losses, securing the gold medal in the final standings. Kuwait claimed the silver medal with 2 victories and 1 loss, showcasing a commendable performance throughout the competition. Indonesia clinched the bronze medal despite finishing with 2 losses, thanks to an overtime win over Malaysia, who settled for the fourth position in the rankings.