Canadian forward Natalie Spooner has earned the title of the International Ice Hockey Federation’s female player of the year for 2024. She won with 33.6 per cent of the votes from media in the top 16 IIHF Women’s World Championship nations. Natlie led in scoring with 20 goals and 27 points during the Professional Women’s Hockey League season for Toronto.

At 33, she showed her skill, winning the league MVP and top forward awards. She also helped Canada win gold at the women’s world championship in Utica, N.Y., with a goal and four points.

🇨🇦 Natalie Spooner Named 2024 IIHF Female Player Of The Year – International Hockey Lineal Championship

Natalie Spooner’s Outstanding Hockey Career

Natalie Spooner grew up in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She showed amazing hockey skills from a young age. Her journey to professional hockey was driven by her talent and hard work. She’s a key player for Team Canada, winning gold at the Olympics and IIHF World Championship events.

Her love for the sport and her country has earned her high respect in women’s hockey. Fans worldwide see her as an inspiration.

Early Life and Journey to Professional Hockey

From her hometown of Toronto, Natalie started chasing her professional hockey dreams as a little girl. She was all about the game, working hard to reach international competitions like the Olympics and more.

Representing Canada at International Competitions

Natalie’s dedication to Team Canada shines in her remarkable career. She’s excelled at the Olympic Games and the IIHF Women’s World Championship. Fans and players everywhere respect her for her exceptional talent.

Natalie Spooner IIHF’s Female Player 2024

Natalie Spooner earned the 2024 IIHF Female Player title with top performances in the PWHL. This Canadian forward scored 20 goals and 27 points, leading the league. She was also awarded MVP and top forward.

Stellar Performance in the Professional Women’s Hockey League

In the PWHL, Spooner showed her strong offensive skills. She scored 20 goals, five of which were game-winners, in 24 games. Her great play and leadership helped her stand out in the league’s first season.

Contributions to Canada’s Gold Medal at World Championships

In the 2024 IIHF Women’s World Championship, Spooner was a key player for Team Canada. She added one goal and three assists, helping Canada win gold. Her talent was crucial for the team’s victory, showing she’s an outstanding performer and inspiring role model.

Toronto forward Natalie Spooner voted IIHF top female hockey player for 2024 | CBC Sports

Skill Set That Sets Natalie Spooner Apart

Natalie Spooner shines in women’s ice hockey, thanks to her amazing skills. She has shown her ability to score goals well, leading the first season of the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL).

Offensive Prowess and Goal-Scoring Ability

During the PWHL’s first season, Spooner was a standout player. She scored 20 goals and gained 27 points, leading the league. These feats won her the MVP title and showed off her amazing goal-scoring skills at the top level of women’s hockey.

Leadership and Teamwork

Spooner is not only a great player but also a leader on and off the ice. Her role in the Canadian national team’s gold win at the 2024 IIHF Women’s World Championship highlights her leadership. She motivates and works well with her teammates, making her key to the team’s success.

Impact on Women’s Ice Hockey

Natalie Spooner, as the IIHF’s Female Player of the Year 2024, changed the game. Her journey and achievements really helped women’s ice hockey grow. She motivates young girls to chase their ice hockey dreams.

Inspiring Young Female Athletes

Spooner reached the highest level by working hard and staying dedicated. Her success story is a model for young female athletes. It shows them they can do great things too. Being named the IIHF’s Female Player of the Year highlights her as a role model for upcoming female ice hockey stars.

Advocating for Gender Equality in Sports

Besides shining on the ice, Natalie Spooner fights for fairness in sports. She uses her fame to push for equal chances and resources for women athletes. Spooner’s work draws attention to women’s ice hockey, making sure it gets the support and attention it should.

Overcoming Challenges and Adversity

Natalie Spooner, the IIHF’s Female Player of the Year 2024, faced many challenges. This includes injuries and personal setbacks. Yet, her determination and resilience helped her overcome these obstacles.

Despite the journey’s ups and downs, Natalie Spooner stayed focused on excellence in women’s ice hockey. Her commitment to Team Canada and her sport led to her success. She became an Olympic gold medalist and a leader in the Professional Women’s Hockey League.

Natalie Spooner’s journey through tough times showed her true strength. She is now seen as one of the best female ice hockey players and an inspiration. Her story teaches us about perseverance and the importance of overcoming challenges to reach our goals.

Achievements and Accolades

Natalie Spooner is celebrated as a top female athlete. She holds many awards that prove she is among the best ice hockey players. Winning an Olympic gold medal with Team Canada highlights her career.

Olympic Gold Medalist

In 2014 Sochi and 2022 Beijing, Spooner won gold medals. She also got a silver medal in 2018 Pyeongchang. This shows her amazing skills in playing women’s ice hockey.

Multiple World Championship Titles

Spooner shined at the IIHF Women’s World Championship too. She won medals like a gold in 2021 and a silver in 2013. Also, she got bronzes in 2012, 2015, and 2019. Her constant success for Canada makes her a top player and as an sport ambassador.

Hockey Canada reveals roster set to defend gold at women's world championship in April | CBC Sports

Future Goals and Aspirations

Natalie Spooner aims for big things in her hockey career. She wants to keep up her top-notch play. And she plans to help the Toronto Six do well in the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF).

By working hard and staying dedicated, Spooner shows how much she loves women’s ice hockey. Her drive and commitment set an example for players everywhere.

Continuing to Excel in Professional Hockey

In the PHF’s first season, Spooner shined. She was named MVP and the best forward. This success pushes her to aim higher.

With the PHF becoming a key league in women’s hockey, Spooner wants to lead her team to victory. She dreams of inspiring new players along the way.

Mentoring and Coaching the Next Generation

After being named the IIHF’s Female Player of the Year in 2024, Spooner became more than a star. She became a role model for young, female hockey players.

She loves to help and teach young players. Through events like the World Girls’ Ice Hockey Weekend, Spooner works to grow and diversify the sport. She wants to give more girls a chance to play.

Fans’ Reactions and Celebrations

Natalie Spooner being named the IIHF’s Female Player of the Year 2024 made her fans and many Canadian hockey lovers thrilled. They flooded social media with messages of praise and respect for Spooner. Her amazing achievements and her role as a role model for girls got a lot of attention.

Social Media Buzz and Tributes

Spooner’s fans shared their appreciation for her all over social media. They posted on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. They talked about her great play, her hard work, and her journey as a mom and player.

Many famous figures in Canadian hockey also praised Spooner. This includes players, coaches, and media people. They talked about her big impact on women’s hockey and celebrated her as a pioneer.

Impact on Canadian Hockey Culture

Spooner’s award is changing Canadian hockey. It’s making more people value women’s ice hockey in Canada. Her win, along with the start of the Professional Women’s Hockey League, is lifting the sport higher. It’s becoming a bigger part of Canada’s hockey world.

Girls who play hockey now look up to Spooner a lot. They see her as someone who made it because of hard work and love for the game. Her success is motivating young athletes. It proves that women’s ice hockey is full of talent and potential.

Balancing Athletic Career and Personal Life

Natalie Spooner, the IIHF’s Female Player of the Year 2024, shines in her sport. She balances her demanding hockey career with family life. Just over a year after becoming a mother, she joined the Professional Women’s Hockey League (PWHL). Spooner’s ability to manage both worlds impresses her teammates greatly.

Motherhood and Family

Spooner, a 33-year-old forward, became a mother in 2022. She made family a top priority while excelling in hockey. Just four months after giving birth, she was back on the ice, and five months later, she won a silver medal with Team Canada. Her dedication and positive spirit inspire her teammates.

Advocacy and Philanthropic Efforts

Beyond sports, Natalie Spooner is a force for good. She advocates for important issues and gives back to her community. She’s not just a star on the ice; she’s also a role model. Her efforts to support the next generation of female athletes have earned her respect as a true leader.


Natalie Spooner is the IIHF’s Female Player of the Year 2024. She is known for her amazing talent and zeal in women’s ice hockey. Her top-notch play in the PWHL, her role in Canada’s gold win in world championships, and her journey set her high. She’s now ranked among the best female hockey players of her era.

Her wins brought not just personal glory but also boosted women’s hockey’s image. They encourage young female athletes to go after their hockey dreams. Even with a tough athletic career and being a mother, Spooner shines as an inspiring role model for upcoming hockey players.

As Spooner keeps shining in women’s ice hockey, her influence in the sport will only get stronger. She motivates young Canadian players to take up her example. Her story shows the value of hard work, focus, and the drive for excellence, both in the game and in life.