Source: Japan Ice Hockey Federation

Perry Pearn (71), who has experience as the coach of the Canadian men’s and women’s national teams, has been appointed as the Coach of the Japan men’s national team.
Perry Pearn, the new coach, was the manager of the Canadian men’s national team in 1991-92, after which he served as team coach of the National Hockey League, and in 2018-19 he was the manager of the Canadian women’s national team. In Japan, he will coach the men’s national team and the men’s U20 national team. Pearn will lead Japan to there first international tournament  Euro Ice Hockey Challenge, which will be held In November 1in Budapest, Hungary.

Perry Pearn 
Born June 6, 1951
Coaching history
 1989-91 Canada U20 national team coach
 1991-92 Canada men’s national team manager
 1992-93 Canada U20 national team manager
 1995-96 NHL Winnipeg Jets coach
 1996-04 NHL Ottawa Senators coach
 2004-09 NHL New York Rangers Coach
 2009-12 NHL Montreal Canadiens Coach
 2012-14 NHL Winnipeg Jets Coach
 2014-17 NHL Vancouver Canucks Coach
 2018-19 Canada Women’s National Team Coach
 2020-21 KHL Automobilist Yekaterinburg Coach
 2021-22 Canada Rink Hockey Academy Kelowna Manager

Comment from new coach Perry Pearn

 “I am very excited to have the opportunity to lead the Japan national team. I was able to see the high quality of the staff, and I am very happy and grateful for the experience and long-standing relationship of trust with former manager Rick Carrier that led to this opportunity. Rick and his coaches have built I am looking forward to continuing and accumulating more. 
I sincerely hope that I can be of some help in the development of ice hockey in Japan.

” Mr. Pearn, who has a wealth of experience and achievements as a leader, including the NHL at the level, teaches players how to improve strategic knowledge and technical skills, and in each category such as the Japanese national team and junior generation,  I am confident that he will help us raise the bar.”