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Ice Hockey in Protectorate Bohemia-Moravia

Ice Hockey in Protectorate Bohemia-Moravia was the national men’s ice hockey team of the German Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia. The team competed in six exhibition matches in 1940. This page shows the history of the Men’s, national team.

Men’s National Team
Not IIHF Member
Played from 1939-1945
Protectorate Bohemia-Moravia Men Official Results
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played:January 11th,1940, 5-1 win over Germany
Longest Official Winning Streak: (4) January 11th-Feb 4th, 1940
Longest Official Unbeaten Streak: (6) Jan 11th-Feb 7th, 1940
Biggest Official Win: 12-0 over Slovakia February 1st,1940


1 GK Bohumil Modra LTC Praha
2 D Oldrich Nemec LTC Praha
3 D Frantisek Pacalt LTC Praha
4 D Vilibald Stovik LTC Praha
5 D Jozef Trousilek LTC Praha
6 D Premysl Hainy HC Slavia Praha
7 FW Augustin Bubnik LTC Praha
8 FW Jaroslav Drobny LTC Praha
9 FW Oldrich Kucera LTC Praha
10 FW Frantisek Pergl LTC Praha
11 FW Josef Malecek LTC Praha
12 FW Ladislav Trojak LTC Praha
13 FW Viktor Lonsmin LTC Praha
14 FW Vladimir Zabrodsky LTC Praha
  HC   (1940 Squad)


U20 National Team
IIHF Member: May 10th, 2001
Played In 2009
Moravia U20 Unofficial Results
Other Facts:
First Unofficial Game Played: December 29th, 2009 4-2 loss to Poland U23
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak: (2) December 29th-Dec 31, 2009
Biggest Unofficial Loss: 4-2 to Poland U23 December 29th, 2009


1 GK Planovsky Moravia
2 GK Adam Trencan HC Slezan Opava U20 (CZE)
3 D Martin Dufek HC Slezan Opava U20 (CZE)
4 D Martin Faksa HC Slezan Opava U20 (CZE)
5 D Adam Kukla HC Slezan Opava U20 (CZE)
6 D Thomas Kyselak HC Jablonec nad Nisou U20 (CZE)
7 D Patrick Molser HC Slezan Opava U20 (CZE)
8 D Zydek Moravia
9 D Herman Moravia
10 FW Pavel Badura HC Slezan Opava U20 (CZE)
11 FW Patrik Dzemla HC Slezan Opava U20 (CZE)
12 FW Michal Mlynek HC Slezan Opava U20 (CZE)
13 FW Nanek Moravia
14 FW Nowak Moravia
15 FW Petr Seider HC Vitkovice U20 (CZE)
16 FW Michal Slanina HC Kobra Praha U20 (CZE)
17 FW Tracka Moravia
18 FW David Vitek SK Horacka Slavia Trebic U20 (CZE)
19 FW Radek Vlasnek HC Slezan Opava U20 (CZE)
HC   (2009 Squad)