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Men’s National Team

Not a IIHF Member
Played From 1909-1993
Homepage Scottish Ice Hockey Association
Games Played 56
Wins 31 Losses 21 Ties 4
Longest Winning Streak (8) Oct 13th, 1978-Apr 19th, 1980
Longest Unbeaten Streak (10) Feb 14th, 1960-Feb 16th, 1969
Longest Losing Streak (3) Nov 15th-17th, 1974
Home Games 26 Away Games 30
Goals For 319 Goals Against 257
Most Games N/A Most Points N/A
First Game Played March 26th, 1909, 11-1 loss to England
Biggest Win 14-1 over England- April 19th, 1980
Biggest Loss 11-1 to England  March 26th, 1909
Scotland vs Others
Games Played 2
Wins 1 Losses 1 Ties 0
Home Games 1 Away Games 1
Goals For 5 Goals Against 11
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GK Andy Donald – Humberside Seahawks (GBR)
GK John McCrone – Ayr Raiders (GBR)
GK Scott O’Connor – Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
DEF Paul Hand – Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
DEF Paul Heavey – Cardiff Devils (GBR)
DEF Derek King – Cardiff Devils (GBR)
DEF Colin McHaffie – Ayr Raiders (GBR)
DEF Paul Pentland – Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
DEF Allister Reid – Scotland (SCO)
DEF Mark Slater – Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
DEF Gordon Whyte – Fife Flyers (GBR)
FW Steve Combe – Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
FW Dean Edmiston – Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
FW John Haig – Fife Flyers (GBR)
FW Tony Hand – Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
FW Kevin King – Peterborough Pirates (GBR)
FW Les Millie – Fife Flyers (GBR)
FW Scott Neil – Murrayfield Racers (GBR)
FW Ian Robertson – Scotland (SCO)
FW Grant Slater – Bracknell Bees (GBR)
FW David Smith – Telford Tigers (GBR)
FW Brain Wilkie – Scotland (SCO)
HC Brain Kanewischer
(1991 Squad)

Women’s National Team

Not a IIHF Member
Played from 1991-2005
Homepage Scottish Ice Hockey Association
Games Played 5
Wins 0 Losses 4 Ties 1
Longest Winning Streak (0)
Longest Unbeaten Streak (1) Dec 28th, 1991
Longest Losing Streak (4) May 16th, 1992-Jun 25th, 2005
Home Games 3 Away Games 2
Goals For 2 Goals Against 22
Most Games N/A Most Points N/A
First Game Played December 28th, 1991, 1-1 tie with England
Biggest Win None
Biggest Loss 7-0 to England January 30th, 1993
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GK Sarah Gibson – Scotland (SCO)
GK Katie Worthing – Scotland (SCO)
DEF S. Caie – Scotland (SCO)
DEF P. Edwards – Scotland (SCO)
DEF F. Letton – Scotland (SCO)
DEF M. Muir – Scotland (SCO)
DEF L. Piper – Scotland (SCO)
FW Kirsten Beattie – Scotland (SCO)
FW Natasha Duff – Scotland (SCO)
FW Kelly Grindrod – Scotland (SCO)
FW Leanne Hogan – Scotland (SCO)
FW Becky Kasner – Scotland (SCO)
FW Jennifer Kirk – Scotland (SCO)
FW Eleanor Maitland – Scotland (SCO)
FW Debbie McCready – Scotland (SCO)
FW Gill McDiarmid – Scotland (SCO)
FW Kristy McMillan – Scotland (SCO)
FW Angela Taylor – Scotland (SCO)
FW Fiona Vorel – Scotland (SCO)
FW Gemma Watt – Scotland (SCO)
FW Ammana Webster – Scotland (SCO)
HC Colette Cowie
(2004 Squad)