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The Island of Jersey does not have  a permanent ice rink so Ice hockey cannot be played on the island year round, their is a push for an ice rink to built at some point.
the Island of Jersey does have a rich hockey tradition and Damian Martin is here to give us a history lesson on hockey on the Island.

By Damian Martin – Sea Wolves Inline Hockey

Island of Jersey roller hockey leaders

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, a group of Islands sitting in-between France and the U.K.
Jersey’s population is around 100,000 and it measures 45 square miles. Hockey was first introduced to Jersey by Damian Martin in 2013. To our knowledge no form of either Ice, Inline or Roller Hockey had ever been played here before then.

Damian started out by visiting a local club that only provided Roller Discos for young children.
played a simple game of Street hockey with a ball and small goals, but it never really caught
on, and 
after 4 months, interest from the Club fizzled out and he stopped attending.
It wasn’t until the Christmas of 2013 that Damian was able to get involved with Jersey’s
Christmas Ice 
Rink that hockey started to gain momentum.

Being that Jersey only has an Ice rink for 5 weeks a year the Ice Rink is incredibly popular so
it was an 
ideal way to get hockey to a wider audience. The Rink agreed to stay open late
one night a week in 
order to let their staff have a go at Ice Hockey and they allowed the Public
to spectate.

It was scrappy with the rink only providing sticks and nothing else. Damian tended goal for the
time in over 10 years in his old Inline kit, it was a lot of fun. But looking back now the
thought of a 
game with no pads whatsoever is scary!

However those sessions worked to kickstart an Inline Hockey Club and Damian was able
to book the 
same hall where the Ice was, for two hours a week starting from February of 2014.
In those early days 
the inline sessions pretty much followed the same formula as the
Ice sessions,  with little kit, and no real 
structure or training. Damian quickly realised that
he needed help to make things official and safe. It 
was then that he met John Bouteloup
who formed a committee, got the group a Bank account and 
financial backing from two
local companies, GR Langlois Ltd and Le Masurier.

As things got more serious and the demand for kit was put to the guys, we lost a lot of
casual players, 
but we were left with people that wanted to play a proper from of the
game and were prepared to buy 
kit and learn. Not only that, but Jersey attracts a variety
of people over to work from several hockey 
playing nations, such as Canada, Latvia, Poland,
UK and France. So we very quickly started to pick up 
players that had previous experience.
Before long we started to look like a proper Hockey Club. 
During the Christmas of 2014 we
once again made an appearance at the Christmas Rink and picked up even more players.

With the Club moving in the right direction there came a need for a name and that was when the name, “The Seawolves” was first coined by Damian Martin and Simon Soar. The name was
formed by the fact 
that we are surround by sea, coupled with John’s name, “Bouteloup”
meaning Wolf  in French. So the Seawolves were born!

The Club then went on to get a Logo and Jersey designs in 2016, wearing their new jerseys for the first time in April of that year.

The Club has now gone on to form two age groups and hold two weekly sessions, The Seawolves for experienced players aged 14 – 50+, and the Wolf Cubs for players aged 5 – 14
who are beginners, 
the Wolf Cub session is further broken down into smaller groups and
recently has been coached by the trio of Damian Martin, Buzz Glad and Jonathan Nicholson.

We consider ourselves a Rec’ team and haven’t as such played any outside competition but we would love to do so. Our Wolf Cubs recently travelled to France for a Hockey Camp with the Vikings of Cherbourg, and we have links with the Medway Assassins in Kent U.K and try to train with them at least once a year.

We train every week for most of the year at,
Springfield Stadium and Sports Centre, St Helier Jersey
Wolf Cubs Sundays 1pm – 3pm
Seawolves Wednesdays 8pm – 9pm
We have appeared on Ice – DEC / 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
But mainly play Inline Hockey with a Puck.
We currently have – 15 Regular Wolf Cubs
14 Regular Seawolves

In late 2017 we started a Youth Club program to get more children playing hockey which will continue in 2018. We welcome new players of any experience young or old and we can be found on Facebook and Instagram.