By KBS World Radio

The South Korean men’s ice hockey team has created a sensation by winning the 2016 Euro Ice Hockey Challenge held in Budapest, Hungary.
Led by coach Baek Chi-sun, South Korea defeated Hungary 3-2 in the final on Monday with a series of goals scored by Shin Sang-hoon, Cho Min-ho and Michael Swift.
This marks the first victory South Korea has won since it began to participate in the Euro Challenge in 2013. The nation’s previous best record was set in 2014 when it finished second.
The Euro Challenge is a friendly match among national teams of countries, which is held during the international break of the International Ice Hockey Federation(IIHF.)
South Korea will face off against Kazakhstan, Austria, Hungary, Poland and Ukraine in the IIHF World Championships 2017.
The South Korean men’s team currently ranks 23rd in the IIHF world rankings.