In 2024, the IIHF named Czechia’s Roman Cervenka the top male player. He snagged this title by a whisker over Swiss defender Roman Josi. The vote drew over 100 media folks from 22 top nations in the Men’s World Championship.

Cervenka won with 31.3 percent of the vote, just edging out Josi who got 30.3 percent. It was a neck-and-neck finish that had everyone on the edge of their seats.

Roman Cervenka

Czechia Captain Roman Cervenka has been named IIHF Male Player 2024

At 38, Czechia captain Roman Cervenka led his team to a gold medal. This was at the Men’s World Championship. He shined, tying for sixth in points. He had 11 points and a +7 rating.

During the game against the USA, he was key. He helped his team win 1-0, reducing the USA’s chances.

In his games for Rapperswil in Switzerland, Cervenka did great. He scored 40 points in 47 games. This included 12 goals and 28 assists.

Cervenka’s Remarkable Performance at the World Championships

Leading Czechia to Gold

At just 38 years old, Roman Cervenka led Czechia to win the Men’s World Championship. His leadership and deep experience played a key role in this win.

Standout Moments and Stats

Cervenka stood out at the championship, ranking sixth in scoring. He got 11 points and had a +7 rating. In a crucial game against the USA, he was among the top three players. He helped Czechia close the game with a 1-0 win with his assist.

Throughout the Men’s World Championship, Cervenka showed his consistent high level of play. He demonstrated his leadership and elite skills on the ice. Being a key player in top moments proved his experience and talent.

Cervenka’s performance at the 2024 Men’s World Championship marked him as a top international player in hockey. His leadership, skill, and important moments in games helped Czechia go for the gold. It further proved he’s a major Czech hockey figure.

Domestic Success: Cervenka’s Club Season

Roman Cervenka led the Czechia national team to victory at the Men’s World Championship. He earned the IIHF Male Player of the Year award for this. But, his work with Rapperswil-Jona in Switzerland is also praised. In 47 games for his club, he scored 40 points. This included 12 goals and 28 assists, making him the top scorer.

Rapperswil-Jona’s Top Scorer

His success in both the domestic and international leagues shows his great skills. Cervenka helped Czechia win gold and proved himself in the Swiss league too. This shows he’s one of the best players in the sport today.

Voting Process and Contenders

In 2024, Roman Cervenka from Czechia won the IIHF Male Player of the Year. He beat Roman Josi by a small margin. The vote had over 100 media reps from the top 22 nations at the Men’s World Championship program. Cervenka got 31.3 percent, while Josi got 30.3 percent.

Narrow Victory over Roman Josi

The vote was very close, showing how well Cervenka and Josi did in 2024. Cervenka played a big role in Czechia winning the gold at the Men’s World Championship. He got 11 points and a +7 rating, tying for sixth in the tournament’s scoring.

Other Finalists

In 2024, the finalists were Roman Cervenka and Lukas Dostal from Czech Republic, Kevin Fiala and Roman Josi from Switzerland, Erik Karlsson from Sweden, and John Tavares from Canada. Dostal had a great season with three shutouts and a 6-2 record, including the Gold-Medal Game. Fiala ranked 43rd in NHL scoring with 73 points, while Josi was third for defensemen in the NHL’s scoring with 85 points. Karlsson got 11 points in the Men’s Worlds and 56 with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Tavares also scored 11 points and led the Toronto Maple Leafs to 29 goals and 65 points.

Cervenka’s Decorated International Career

Roman Cervenka leads with his experience in the Czech national team. He’s achieved a lot in over ten years on the international scene. Cervenka now has a total of four medals in the World Championships, with two Golds and two Bronzes (2011, 2022). He got his first medal, a Bronze, back in 2005 at the World Juniors.

Moreover, Cervenka has played in four different Olympics and one World Cup Of Hockey. His leadership shows in his team’s achievements, making him a key player.

Previous World Championship Medals

Cervenka excels at the IIHF World Championships. He’s grabbed two Golds among his four medals (including 2011 and 2022 Bronzes). This shows how consistently strong he is when playing for his country at the highest level.

Olympic and World Cup Appearances

Not only has Cervenka shined at the World Championships, but he’s also shown up at four Olympics and the 2016 World Cup of Hockey. With such broad international experience, he’s clearly a significant part of the Czech Republic’s ice hockey success. Cervenka’s leadership continues to guide his team towards victory.

Recognition for Defensive and Goaltending Excellence

Roman Cervenka shined as Czechia’s captain and top scorer at the 2024 Men’s World Championship. He won the IIHF Male Player of the Year. Many other players showed great skills too.

Roman Josi’s Silver Medal Performance

Swiss defenseman Roman Josi helped his team to a silver medal. It was their third in 11 years. He was known for his great defense. Josi made the World Championships All-Star Team. He ranked 3rd in scoring for NHL defensemen in the 2023-24 season. He had 85 points playing for the Nashville Predators.

Lukas Dostal’s Standout Goaltending

Lukas Dostal (G, CZE) showed amazing skills for Czechia in the World Championships. He won the WM Directorate Best Goalie award. Dostal was in the All-Star Team too. He had a 6-2 record with three shutouts. His saves were crucial in the quarter-finals and Gold-Medal Game. In his first year in the NHL, he had a .902 save percentage.

Impact of Cervenka’s Leadership

Roman Cervenka, at 38, led the Czechia national team to gold at the 2024 IIHF Men’s World Championship. His role as captain was huge. His experience inspired his team to shine at the global level.

Inspiring Czechia’s Success

Cervenka’s leadership was vital for Czechia’s win. With his skills and dedication, he showed the way. He helped the team beat strong rivals and clinch the gold. His 11 points and a +7 rating in the tournament highlighted his key part in their success.

One key moment was in the quarterfinals against Team USA. He was crucial in the 1-0 win, adding an assist. His leadership and in-game moves were pivotal in Czechia’s victory.

Significance of the IIHF Male Player of the Year Award

The IIHF Male Player of the Year award is very prestigious. It’s given to the top male ice hockey player from around the world. Players are eligible if they’ve played in an IIHF tournament within the last year. Plus, they have to play in their country’s top domestic league. The first winner was Connor Bedard in 2023, boosting the award’s importance.

For the 2024 award, over 100 media members and top officials from 22 countries voted. They pick their favorites from players like Roman Cervenka, Lukas Dostal, Kevin Fiala, Roman Josi, Erik Karlsson, and John Tavares. The votes were each worth different amounts, with media having more say than the IIHF Family.

FinalistNationalityKey Achievements
Roman CervenkaCzechiaCaptained Czechia to gold at Men’s Worlds, tied for 6th in scoring with 11 points and +7 rating, 40 points in 47 games for Rapperswil
Lukas DostalCzechiaNamed WM Directorate Best Goalie, 6-2 record with 3 shutouts at Men’s Worlds, .902 save % in NHL debut
Kevin FialaSwitzerlandMen’s Worlds MVP and Directorate Best Forward, silver medal with Switzerland, 73 points in NHL
Roman JosiSwitzerlandSwiss team captain, Directorate Best Defender, 85 points in NHL with Nashville Predators
Erik KarlssonSwedenLed Sweden to bronze medal, tied for 6th in Men’s Worlds scoring with 11 points, 56 points in NHL
John TavaresCanadaCaptained Canada at Men’s Worlds, tied for 6th in scoring with 11 points, 29 goals and 65 points in NHL

This year, the award announcement will be made on Monday, June 17th at 12pm ET/6pm CEST. It highlights the global attention international ice hockey gets.

Reactions and Accolades

Roman Cervenka winning the 2024 IIHF Male Player of the Year has caused a stir in the hockey world. He got 31.3% of the vote to beat stars like Swiss Roman Josi and Czech Lukas Dostal. This win was massive for him, considering the stiff competition.

Praise from Hockey Community

His key role in Czechia’s gold medal win at the World Championship stood out. Fans and experts see him as a top player thanks to his leadership and skills. Patrick Sharp, a former NHL player, called the award a sign of Cervenka’s lasting impact.

Milos Riha was also quick to commend Cervenka. He highlighted his smart plays and how he lifts his teammates. To Riha, Cervenka embodies the spirit of the game. Winning this award is proof of his exceptional career.

Support for Cervenka poured in from fans and media worldwide. They noted his age, 38, and lauded his consistent top-level play. “He’s a true example for young athletes dreaming of making it in hockey,” a fan remarked enthusiastically on a forum.

Within the Czech Republic, the win became an instant source of national pride. The Minister of Sports celebrated Cervenka for motivating a new wave of hockey enthusiasts. He called Cervenka’s achievement a crucial moment in the country’s sports history.

IIHF - Cervenka: “We needed this”

Looking Ahead: Cervenka’s Future

Roman Cervenka has just won the IIHF Male Player of the Year award, marking a high point in his career. This Czechia captain, now 38, shows no signs of slowing down. It’s his fourth medal in eleven years at the Worlds, including two Golds and two Bronzes.

In 2005, he took home a Bronze at the World Juniors. He’s also been to four Olympics and the 2016 World Cup Of Hockey.

Cervenka brings more than skill to Czechia’s team; he brings leadership. Even as his career nears its end, hockey fans are eager to see what he does next. They wonder if he can bring more victories to his country. His dedication to the sport and his homeland is clear. The sports world will be watching closely to see his next move.

Roman Cervenka still has a lot to offer, thanks to his vast experience and drive. He’s a key figure in Czech Republic hockey and aims to make his mark even deeper. As his future unfolds, fans of athlete recognition and international tournament will be waiting eagerly to see what he does next. His journey will undeniably draw attention from the IIHF and all who follow the game closely.


Roman Cervenka earned the IIHF Male Player of the Year for 2024. He’s a 38-year-old Czech team captain. His influence was clear, winning over one-third of the votes. He beat Roman Josi, a top Swiss defenseman, by one percent.

His efforts led Czechia to win gold at the 2024 Men’s World Championship. He scored 11 points and had a +7 rating. In the quarterfinal, his assist against Team USA stood out, showing his international stage impact. Along with Cervanka, Czech players Lukas Dostal and Kevin Fiala were also celebrated. Their performances showcased the Czech Republic’s strength in the tournament.

In the semis, Czech fans filled the arena with 17,413 people. Almost 800,000 attended the whole tournament, setting a new record. Cervanka’s leadership sparked new excitement for hockey in the Czech Republic. His award as the IIHF Male Player of the Year honors his significant role in the sport.