Thailand promoted to Division IIIA

By National Teams of Ice Hockey

Thailand’s women’s team has achieved a remarkable feat by securing promotion after emerging victorious in the Division IIIB World Tournament. This achievement not only highlights the talent and dedication of the Thai players but also showcases their ability to compete at an international level. The team’s hard work and perseverance have paid off, and they can now look forward to competing in higher divisions in the future.

Throughout the entire week, Thailand displayed dominance on the ice by allowing only one goal to be scored against them. Their impressive defensive skills were evident as they outscored their opponents by a significant margin of 20-1. This remarkable performance showcased Thailand’s strength and determination in the sport.

During their tournament, they managed to secure impressive victories, such as 4-0 shutouts against Israel and Singapore. Additionally, they achieved a narrow 1-0 shutout over Estonia, showcasing their defensive prowess. The highlight of their performance was an outstanding 11-1 win over Bosnia and Herzegovina, demonstrating their dominance on the ice.

Thamida Kunthadapakorn, a 17-year-old goalkeeper from Thailand, showcased an outstanding performance while playing for the Bangkok Warriors. In her two starts, she managed to stop all 39 shots she faced, resulting in shutouts for her team. Her exceptional skills and determination were evident as she successfully defended her team’s goal.

Thailand’s Wirasinee Rattananai emerged as the leading scorer of the tournament, accumulating six assists across four games.

The Thailand women’s national team has achieved a remarkable feat by securing victory in 18 consecutive matches, a streak that dates back to 2017. This impressive winning streak showcases the team’s dedication, skill, and ability to consistently perform at a high level on the field. The players and coaching staff have worked tirelessly to achieve this level of success, and their hard work and determination have clearly paid off.

03/07/17Philippines – Thailand121
03/11/17United Arab Emirates – Thailand117
03/12/17India – Thailand120
03/14/17Malaysia – Thailand116
03/15/17Singapore – Thailand16
03/10/18Singapore – Thailand110
04/14/19Chinese Taipei – Thailand23
04/18/19Singapore – Thailand19
04/19/19Malaysia – Thailand29
04/30/23United Arab Emirates – Thailand011
05/01/23Malaysia – Thailand011
05/03/23Singapore – Thailand213
05/06/23India – Thailand013
05/07/23Iran – Thailand13
03/24/24Israel – Thailand04
03/25/24Singapore – Thailand04
03/27/24Estonia – Thailand01
03/28/24Bosnia & Herzegovina – Thailand111

Thailand has been promoted to Group IIIA, marking a significant advancement for the country. On the other hand, Bulgaria, who had previously occupied the last position in Group IIIA, will now be demoted to Group IIIB. This reshuffling of groups reflects the varying performances of the two nations in the recent competition.