The NHL organizes the Four Nations Tournament

By National Teams of Ice Hockey

NHL will launch a new tournament from February 12-20, 2025, featuring the USA, Canada, Finland and Sweden, strictly only the with the participation of players playing in the NHL.

At the press conference which was attended by NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and Marty Walsh, executive director of the players’ union (NHLPA), as well as one representative of each of the four national teams, Connor McDavid, Auston Matthews, Sebastian Aho and Elias Pettersson.

The new tournament kicks off on February 10th, 2025. Each team plays three games in a traditional round-robin format. The games will be played on NHL ice rinks according to NHL rules, but an important change is that a victory in regular time will be  worth three points. Two points are awarded for a win in overtime or a shootout, one point for a loss in overtime or a shootout, and no points for a loss in regular time. At the end of round robin play the two teams with the best records advance to the one-game final.

In round robin games, a 3-on-3 sudden death overtime will be played 10 minutes, followed by a three-round shootout. There is no restriction in the final, the game they will play until one of the teams score the winning goal.

As for the squads: each team will have 20 players and 3 goalkeepers. All players included in the national team must have an NHL contracts for the 2024/25 season and be on the team’s roster on December 2nd, 2024. The timing of roster announcements is determined by the NHL and NHLPA, but each participating national association must name its first six players in the summer before selecting the full roster later in the year.

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