By Evan Weiner – Sports Talk Florida

The National Hockey League is openly talking about doing something in Mexico in the post-COVID-19 world. There doesn’t seem to be any timetable to stage a pre-season game in the country but there seems to be an interest. One NHL franchise, the Dallas Stars, has held a children’s ice hockey clinic in Mexico in the past. The NHL’s big problem with scheduling a game in Mexico is finding a suitable arena with an ice rink. That does not exist in Mexico. The business of exporting United States sports products into Mexico after COVID-19 is contained will continue. There are nearly 130 million people living in Mexico, making it the 10th-most populated nation in the world, so it is a good-sized market to sell sports merchandise. Soccer’s Liga MX still may want to form some sort of a formal alliance with the United States/Canadian Major League Soccer. MLS Commissioner Don Garber has in the past brought up the notion of merging with the Mexican league.

Major League Baseball staged regular season games in the country prior to the COVID-19 outbreak. There were suggestions more than two decades ago that Monterrey, which is not far from the Texas border, had the corporate market that Major League Baseball would want. Mexico City might be considered for an expansion slot as well. The National Football League has scheduled games in the past in Mexico City and will return to Mexico once COVID-19 is in containment but COVID-19 not going away quite yet. The National Basketball Association has staged regular season games in Mexico City and the league is trying to figure out if Mexico City is a suitable market. Mexico, Canada and the US have combined to host soccer’s 2026 World Cup. There are pesos on the table which means doing business in Mexico after the COVID-19 pandemic ends is a must.