Ice Hockey in Turkmenistan

Ice Hockey in Turkmenistan is governed by the National Center of Turkmenistan for Winter Sports. Turkmenistan has been a associate member of the International Ice Hockey Federation since 2015.  Turkmenistan Men’s national team made their International debut in 2017 at Asian Winter Games where they went undefeated in division II. The national team will make its World Championship debut in 2018, where it is scheduled to play in the Division III Qualification tournament. This page shows the history of the Men’s national teams.


Men’s National Team
IIHF Member: May 15th, 2015
Turkmenistan Men Official Results
Turkmenistan Men Unofficial Results
Turkmenistan Scoring Leaders
Other Facts:
First Official Game Played: February 18th, 2017, 9-2 win over Malaysia
First Unofficial Game Played: December 3rd, 2016 12-2 win over Ashgabat
Longest Official Winning Streak: (8) February 18th-February 28th, 2018
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak: (3) December 3rd-24th, 2016
Longest Official Unbeaten Streak: (8) February 18th-Feb 28th, 2018
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak: (3) December 3rd-24th, 2016
Longest Official Losing Streak: (3) April 28th, 2019-April 5th, 2022
Longest Unofficial Losing Streak: (2) January 14th-16, 2023
Biggest Official Win: 24-2 over Kuwait February 26th, 2018
Biggest Unofficial Win: 18-1 over HC Soyuz December 22nd, 2016
Biggest Official Loss: 13-3 to Thailand March 14th, 2024
Biggest Unofficial Loss: 7-2 to Republic of Tatarstan January 14th, 2023


25GKKeremli CharyyevHC Galkan
20GKRahman MyradovHC Galkan
8DAmangeldi AganiyazovHC Galkan
4DMusa AnnasaparovHC Galkan
7DDovlet HydyrovHC Galkan
22DErkin KakabayevHC Galkan
14DSerdar KakabayevHC Galkan
5DMaksat KakayevHC Galkan
2DGurbanmyrat TannyyevHC Shir
12FWPerhat AtekayevHC Galkan
6FWPavel BakovskyHC Galkan
18FWNovruz BayhanovHC Galkan
15FWDovrangeldi BayjayevHC Galkan
9FWBaymyrat BaymyradovHC Galkan
17FWBegench DovletmyradovHC Galkan
10FWArslian GledmyradovHC Galkan
13FWAhmet GurbanovHC Galkan
16FWOvezguly EsenovHC Shir
11FWArslen NuryyevHC Galkan
19FWAleksandr VahovskyHC Galkan
 HCBayram Allayarov(03/09/24)


U20 National Team
IIHF Member: May 15th, 2015
Turkmenistan U20 Unofficial Results
Other Facts:
First Unofficial Game Played: November 3rd, 2013, 7-2 win over Minsk City
Longest Unofficial Winning Streak: (1) November 3rd, 2013
Longest Unofficial Unbeaten Streak: (1) November 3rd, 2013
Biggest Unofficial Win: 7-2 over Minsk City November 3rd, 2013


1GKM. SaparmyradovTurkmenistan
20GKAnton YurlovTurkmenistan
4DNikita Avdeyev Turkmenistan
6DVladimir GuskovTurkmenistan
2DMuhammet GuychgeldiyevTurkmenistan
5DMaksat KakayevTurkmenistan
10DGurbanmyrat TannyyevTurkmenistan
11FWDovrangeldi BabayevTurkmenistan
12FWBaymyrat Baymyradov Turkmenistan
22FWYakut BerdiyevTurkmenistan
17FWBegench DovletmyradovTurkmenistan
14FWRusian Gapbarov Turkmenistan
7FWArslan GeldimyradovTurkmenistan
15FWAnatoliy Lyurtayev Turkmenistan
18FWIshan VeleyevTurkmenistan
21FWTimur Veleyev Turkmenistan
 HCAhmet GurbanovUpdated (01/29/18)